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Dog Of The Month: Jane (Lead dog)

Jane has always been a very strong front end dog. In the last couple of years she showed us just how much power she has for such a small little dog. In January of 2012 Jane led Cim to victory in single lead in the Tustumena  200 (bottom pic). Cim ran her in single lead because he didn’t have any other female leaders fast enough and Jane was in heat... But she was all business up there by herself with all the boys chasing her down the trail! She was also in lead (top, together with Dorothy) at this years Denali Doubles.

A little excerpt from an article Joseph Robertia wrote for the Redoubt Reporter:

Single lead is something even experienced lead dogs may or may not do, and is a daunting task for young, still-learning leaders like Smyth’s dog Jane. A little on the small side compared to most of his other canine companions, this rust-colored 4-year-old female may not have looked like much to the average race spectator, but her powerful performance in the last leg of the race clearly showed that amazing things sometimes come in small packages.

“She really shined,” Smyth said.

To read the full article, visit:

Racing Season 15-16

is on. Hope to see you at the start of Iditarod!

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Racing History

Racing Season 2014-2015

Kusko 300: 8th Place

Kobuk 440: First Place

Racing Season 2013-2014

Kusko 300: 3rd Place

Iditarod 2014: 24th Place

Kobuk 440: 2nd Place

Racing Season 2012-2013

Alaska Excursion 120: 4th Place

Aurora 50/50: 9th Place

Kusko 300: 5th Place

Denali Doubles: First Place

Iditarod 2013: 15th Place plus Sportsmanship Award

Kobuk 440: 2nd Place plus

Sportsmanship Award

Racing Season 2011-2012

Alaska Excursion 120: 5th Place

Tustumena 200: First Place

Iditarod 2012: 24th Place

Racing Season 2010-2011

Alaska Excursion 120: 4th Place

Tustumena 200: 2nd Place

Iditarod 2011: 21st Place

Racing Season 2009-2010 Alaska Excursion 120: First Place

Tustumena 200: 2nd Place

Denali Doubles: 3rd Place

Iditarod: 23rd Place

Racing Season 2008-2009 Aurora 50/50: First Place

Tustumena 200: First Place

Klondike 300: First Place

Iditarod: 5th Place

Racing Season 2007-2008 Klondike 300: First Place

Iditarod: 12th Place

Racing Season 2006-2007 Klondike 300: First Place

Iditarod: 11th Place

Racing Season 2005-2006 Knik 200: 6th Place

Klondike 300: First Place

Iditarod: 12th Place

Racing Season 2004-2005

Iditarod: 34th Place

Racing Season 2003-2004 Tustumena 200: First Place

Iditarod: 43rd Place